Why study A Level Geography? – Response 4

To be honest I never appreciated Geography, I always thought it was just a subject I couldSeun 1 play around in with my friends, to colour in some maps and to play on the laptops. For GCSE I decided to take Geography to fill in a gap, this was when my opinion began to change. I began to learn that Geography was more than the countries of the world and the number of continents but about how the world interconnect. How us people link with our fellow human beings, and how us human beings link with the world we live in.

seun 2I had the AMAZING opportunity to travel Peru on a world challenge expedition last summer which let me see, fist hand the wonders that Geography lets us explore. From the Amazonian Rainforest, to the mountain tops of the Andes the breath taking views made me want to learn more! With that hope I decided to take Geography as an A Level, although the stress gets to me and I wonder why I took the subject (the case with all my a levels at the moment) I look back at pictures from my expedition and I hold on to the fact I am understanding these extraordinary features in such great detail, as well as the hope of knowing the world enough to one day travel it.

The most mind-boggling thing I’ve ever experienced is a beach next by on a desert. I seun 3guess it sounds a bit dumb, but the fact you can see the waves coming in at the shore but the sand is hot and dry; it just gets me every time . I would hope that this encourages you, not necessarily to take a Geography A Level but to explore the world and enjoy its quirks.